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  1.  Discover the 4 key Pillars Proven to Liquidate Excess Consumer Products On Demand                        

  2. ​How To Quickly Turn Your Slow Moving/Unwanted Excess Inventory Into Fast Cash Offers Upfront                                                                     

  3. Implement Practical Branding Strategies For Attracting Exclusive Deals & Buyers   Opportunities

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Garage Seller or Entrepreneur Seeking an Opportunity to Cash in on a Billion Dollar Industry!

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Team Spirit
Screenshot 2022-04-09 at 09-04-45 Akeemtheceo🚀🚀🚀 (_akeemtheceo) • Instagram photos and

Several plus years helping supply chain partners & small & medium business owners alike invest, trade, finance, and scale via business development leadership, digital marketing advertising.


Generating over $10+ Million in b2b liquidation sales, extending consumer product life cycles through reuse and recycling. Strong at trade-show networking, product sourcing, and leading sales teams from start-ups to established enterprises built on integrity, performance, and results.

"Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s true inner potential.” Bruce Lee


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D Baiz - Corporate Marketing

Akeem led our business development at Dashermobile/Check-a-Web. He developed our lead generation, prospecting, and closing techniques. His energy and positive attitude were infectious. I personally saw him help turn average producers into rockstars. He has an insatiable thirst for learning but also possesses the drive to implement those lessons when learned.

Akeem recruited and trained our sales team and generated over 400 leads leading to a 38.7% appointment ratio (the company's best to date.)


Jena B " SME Investor"

Akeem is a warm-hearted disrupter, with a gift for finding the right mix of business problem-solving and global vision. When we met last year, I was struck by his drive to preserve the planet and to help business owners leverage that work to actually add revenue. His firm Magnum Liquidity Group is the right resource for business owners who are ready to capitalize on their waste streams. Most importantly, Akeem brings an inclusive kindness to every interaction. I happily recommend Akeem here on LinkedIn, and also in person with the businesses I serve.


Yong S - Business Owner

Akeem, is excellent with sales and service in his industry, he has personally worked with our business and continues to take care of our account without question, he is the type of guy that will pick up his phone or answer emails even when its after hours. He is passionate about what he does and is a very honest and respectable business person. We are glad to be clients of Akeem and will continue to work with him.

W T Inc

Our Process

We evaluate the product from our clients by sorting through what is consider performance goods vs recyclable goods. This process is usually referred to as Reverse logistics.

We use strategic marketing along with our private buyer's list

and in most cases, we offer cash upfront for products we have a high chance of selling.





With our no-risk profit-sharing program, we simply take on all products

and properly handle the recycling for Free while we work towards a profitable recovery to share back on performance product.


Let us help you turn products into cash-flow, liquidate your surplus consumer merchandise in 30 Days or less using our Quicksell  Method. Hire Us For Free

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As a full-service liquidation, arbitrage marketing agency; we serve both the small-medium, and large businesses, and organizations that are either stuck with an excess amount of consumer products retail ready, stored, or packed taking up space in the warehouse in which we are hired on an exclusive contractual basis to find the proper channel to liquidate, reuse or recycle.


We also service clients seeking capital to purchase inventory consumer product deals in larger volume quantities.

Our final client is the key heartbeat to our business, these are the home-based business development affiliate who are qualified to join our global team in which we train, coach, and manage as deal partners, helping us connect with new buyers and sellers worldwide.



Our long-term mission is helping to extend product life cycles on the secondary market, offering the consumer direct bargains, and keeping products out of the landfill altogether via an end to end visual below


Work From Home
Part- Time
Earn Multiple Streams of Income

Team Titan

Smaller team with a much stronger global impact and big Heart. Since our organization consists of a small team of very intelligent experts that have worked in many aspects of the reverse logistics industry we tend to have the advantage over huge corporations that has lots of overhead and thousands of unhappy employees.