"Most Hated Brokers In The World"​!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Lets cut straight to the chase, for years, brokers have been shunned in the liquidation space; some have good reason to hate them and others simply follow the trend. The truth is, brokers have been a blessing and a curse to businesses since the birth of time. Most business owners have every right to hate brokers (they do less work and make most of the money, as some would say). There are brokers, although, that have been helping businesses drive what was once considered a lost sale into profit recovery. So, before we hate anyone, let's evaluate the situation for the pros and the cons of brokers.

Signs of A Bad Broker Lets take a look at the root of it all, which comes down to who you are dealing with.

  1. Bad brokers are usually unprofessional; which means that they have no company, no reputation, and are out just to make a quick buck, therefore, no long-term business can be built.

  2. Bad brokers usually don't have any true contacts, some may be just getting started and get lucky on a deal. Nothing wrong with that, it just takes time and that is something most clients don't have.

  3. Bad brokers usually don't care how you receive product or if it's not as promised; with that being said, they never offer any guarantees, warranties, or returns.

Signs Of A Good Broker

  1. Good brokers usually have a professional company behind their name, with years of business and connections around the world. If you need to liquidate items ASAP, a good broker would use their relationships to make a deal happen (in some cases within 120 business hours).

  2. A good broker is also not afraid to spend money or warehouse products from time to time. If the deal makes sense they can assume the risk and buy up to entire warehouses of products, paying cash up front.

  3. Good brokers are here to thrive, not just close one or two deals, and then take a vacation. A good broker will usually have a support system, answer emails, and provide guarantees to win your trust. Good brokers are there for long-term support and to continue the long term business relationship.

In conclusion, brokers can actually be very helpful to your business; they may know which doors to knock on that you as a business owner, focusing on your primary business, had no previous access to. There is an old saying that goes something like this... A man hired a tech to come and fix a broken video game in his business that was causing him to lose money everyday that it was down. The business owner tried to fix it himself, but failed a countless number of times. Shortly after the tech arrived to assess the problem, he took a small hammer and knocked the game system twice, thereafter the game began to work and the owner was happy to be making money once again. The tech billed the owner a whopping twelve thousand dollars. The owner was shocked when viewing the bill, and commenced yelling and asking the man, "Why so much for a simple knock"! The response was simple. The tech replied, "It cost two thousand to assess the issue, and the other ten thousand billed came from knowing where to knock". Most businesses fail to realize this simple truth. Knowing where to knock is key. If someone can get you results must faster, saving you money and time with their expertise, don't you think they deserve every penny charged? I'd like to thank you for reading this post. Please comment and provide feedback on your experiences. We are here to help grow and liquidate your products. Email or visit Talk soon!

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